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Tag Archive: flexibility

  • Resilience Culture

    Building a Resilience Culture

    Earlier this year I wrote an article about Resilience at Work. This was several months before the true impact of Covid-19 was felt in the UK. Since then people and organisations have been on a bumpy rollercoaster ride of twists and turns, navigating what is frequently being referred to as a VUCA world – a military acronym standing for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. As we approach the latter part of 2020, my HR work with local…

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  • 7 New Management Principles for Small Businesses

    Management Principles for Small Businesses

    Why do small businesses need new Management Principles? In an increasingly globalised and competitive business world, how can small businesses not only stand out from the crowd, but adapt, survive and prosper? Relying on outmoded traditional bureaucratic and hierarchical management styles favouring control, conformity and discipline, are no longer viable options. So what are the new management principles small businesses need, to respond to…

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  • What Makes a Good Employee

    out-of-the-box thinking

    What are the 7 Traits of Perfect Employees? Let the Despicable Me minions share their qualities with you in our new video!

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  • Understanding Family Business

    shared parental leave

    Did you know that a staggering 75% of private sector businesses in the UK are classed as family businesses? Find out more about this important business sector.

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