Kay Heald HR can help your business in three ways:

  • Build and develop your team

    People Development

    Staff performance can be enhanced in all sorts of ways and some of the best examples of people development can be found using internal resources, where staff are encouraged to teach each other, people are rewarded for showing initiative, opportunities are given to share ideas and people are motivated to learn new skills.

  • Keep up with Employment Law

    Employment contracts

    The price for not keeping on the right side of employment law these days can be extremely high – both financially and emotionally. Employees automatically have statutory employment rights when they start working for you, so it is important that you put in place systems and processes that not only protect them, but also you and your business.

  • Resolve Staffing Problems

    Staffing Problems

    Whenever you have groups of people working together it is inevitable that disagreements and misunderstandings will crop up from time to time. Some staffing problems are more straightforward than others – in many cases they can simply be sorted out by clarifying what people are entitled to, or what needs to be done, by whom and by when. Other problems can be more complicated.