Build and develop your team

Small business employers are expected to be fantastic leaders, people managers, coaches and motivators.

Kay Heald is an experienced trainer and enthusiastic people development specialist who can help you maximise the potential of your staff.

Kay strongly believes that well trained and motivated employees are an essential ingredient for business growth.  When businesses are faced with new challenges, staff play a vital role in helping them to succeed.

Staff performance can be enhanced in all sorts of ways and some of the best examples of people development can be found using internal resources, where staff are encouraged to teach each other, people are rewarded for showing initiative, opportunities are given to share ideas and people are motivated to learn new skills.

Kay can use her experience of working with a wide range of organisations in different sectors to help your business harness its staff’s potential by developing and motivating staff.

Some of the recent development projects she has undertaken for local businesses include:
  • Introducing new performance management systems
  • Implementing flexible working initiatives including hybrid working trials
  • Running half-day management workshops for busy owner-managers
  • Developing team building sessions for managers and their staff
  • Running people development learning lunches
People Development


Problems Kay can fix

Employment Legislation

Kay knows which pieces of employment law are relevant to small businesses and how you can meet your legal obligations efficiently and effectively.

Staffing Problems

Resolving People Problems

Kay has helped many local businesses find practical solutions to staffing problems, avoiding stressful and costly legal action.

People Development

Build & Develop Teams

Kay is an experienced trainer and enthusiastic people development specialist who can help you maximise the potential of your staff.


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