Keep up with Employment Law

Small business employers are expected to know a lot about employment law.

Kay Heald knows which pieces of employment law are relevant to small businesses and how you can meet your legal obligations efficiently and effectively.

The price for not keeping on the right side of employment law these days can be extremely high – both financially and emotionally.

Employees automatically have statutory employment rights when they start working for you, so it is important that you put in place systems and processes that not only protect them, but also you and your business.

So whether you employ just a few people or many more, a good set of practical policies and procedures which are communicated and understood by everyone in your organisation, will help you manage your staff and keep you legally compliant.

Kay Heald does not drown you in paperwork or jargon, instead she helps you develop and implement pragmatic processes that will work hard for you and your employees.

Some of the most ‘hardworking’ documents include:
  • Employment contracts including terms and conditions
  • Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion policy
  • Grievance, Discipline and Capability procedures
  • Communication and monitoring procedures
  • Data Protection policy and privacy notices
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing policy
  • Health and Safety policy and procedures


Problems Kay can fix

Employment Legislation

Kay knows which pieces of employment law are relevant to small businesses and how you can meet your legal obligations efficiently and effectively.

Staffing Problems

Resolving People Problems

Kay has helped many local businesses find practical solutions to staffing problems, avoiding stressful and costly legal action.

People Development

Build & Develop Teams

Kay is an experienced trainer and enthusiastic people development specialist who can help you maximise the potential of your staff.


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