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Resolve Staffing Problems

Small business employers are expected to be excellent communicators, negotiators and mediators.

Kay Heald has helped many local businesses find practical solutions to staffing problems, avoiding stressful and costly legal action.

Whenever you have groups of people working together it is inevitable that disagreements and misunderstandings will crop up from time to time.  Some staffing problems are more straightforward than others – in many cases they can simply be sorted out by clarifying what people are entitled to, or what needs to be done, by whom and by when.

Other problems can be more complicated, but leaving them and hoping they will go away will invariably make them worse and frequently escalate to expensive litigation.

Staffing ProblemsKay Heald will always take the time and care to investigate any staffing issue thoroughly and sensitively, before helping you take the most appropriate action.

Kay Heald will also help you implement any relevant changes necessary to help prevent similar problems from happening again.

Some of the recent difficulties that she has helped local businesses resolve include:

  • Reducing a company’s staffing costs without making any of its employees redundant
  • Dealing fairly and reasonably with an incident of alleged gross misconduct
  • Managing a member of staff back to work after a long period of sickness
  • Integrating an existing team of de-motivated people into a new company