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  • Implications of Brexit for Small and Micro Employers

    Implications of Brexit for Small and Micro Employers

    Employment Help for the Very Busy – Summer Edition 2016 Implications of Brexit for Small and Micro Employers The implications of Brexit for small and micro employers will take a long time to emerge – years not months. It is important to emphasise that the UK’s move to initiate Article 50 and start its negotiation with the EU to draw up its Withdrawal Agreement will not take place before a new Prime Minister is in post and the…

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  • Sandwich Generation


    So who are the Sandwich Generation? They are employees and workers who are ‘sandwiched’ between caring for ageing parents and their own children. Carol Abaya, a recognised expert on eldercare, coined the term ‘Sandwich Generation‘ ten years ago and has since added a further category, ‘Club Sandwich’, referring to those who care for ageing parents, grandparents and their own young children, or those who care for…

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  • 10 Things Employers can do to help Employees with ASD (Part 2)

    How to help employees with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

    Guest blog article written by Sam Warner of Get Your Message Across. This is Part 2 of Sam Warner’s blog on Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD (click here for part one) to help employers understand some things they could do to improve the working environment for someone with ASD and get the very best out of a happy, comfortable and productive employee. ASD isn’t a great label, but it does help to describe a differently-brained set of…

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