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  • The Rise of Polyworking


    What is Polyworking? The pandemic has had a profound effect on not just how and where people work, but also how they think and feel about working. Virtual and remote working have already challenged the geography of the workplace and put flexibility at the heart of many business and HR strategies. However, during the last two years of intermittent lockdowns and furloughing, more people have also taken the unusual opportunities presented to…

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  • Heartfulness vs Mindfulness

    heartfulness as a new workplace stress buster

    Is heartfulness about to knock mindfulness off its pedestal as the latest weapon in the battle against workplace stress? In our fastrack, quick-fix lives, there is a tendency to look for shortcut solutions rather than explore, practice and study a technique or discipline in detail. Mindfulness is often used as a quick and easy, standalone concept (eg sitting still and focussing on breathing, using colouring in books, harnessing the present…

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  • Newsletter Autumn 2011

    Employment Help for the Very Busy - my Autumn/Winter 2011 HR newsletter aimed at small companies and family businesses wanting an update on employment law and HR changes.

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  • Kay Heald HR Newsletter – Summer 2011

    A quick digest of the latest employment law changes and what they mean for small companies and family businesses + links to FREE RESOURCES ...

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  • Latest HR News for Small Businesses

    My Spring/Summer 2011 HR Newsletter is packed full of useful information for small business owners - with the latest new rates, law changes and practical tips and advice.

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  • HR Newsletter – Autumn / Winter

    Employment Help for the Very Busy - My Latest HR Newsletter gives practical guidance on the new Equality Act 2010, the new rates for the National Minimum Wage, plus much more ...

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  • HR Newsletter – Summer Special 2010

    My summer e-newsletter focuses on two important legislative changes, proposed by the new coalition government, likely to affect small businesses.

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