heartfulness as a new workplace stress buster

Is heartfulness about to knock mindfulness off its pedestal as the latest weapon in the battle against workplace stress?

In our fastrack, quick-fix lives, there is a tendency to look for shortcut solutions rather than explore, practice and study a technique or discipline in detail. Mindfulness is often used as a quick and easy, standalone concept (eg sitting still and focussing on breathing, using colouring in books, harnessing the present moment or meditating etc.) However, psychologists are now turning to the idea of heartfulness to describe a more holistic approach that embraces the interplay between heart and mind to help people live more complete and purposeful lives.

Dr Stephen McKenzie (author of Heartfulness) is one such expert that advocates looking at more than just our minds to tackle the stresses and strains of the modern world. He has identified the following values that, if practised regularly, will help recalibrate the way we live our lives and how we interact with ourselves and others:

  1. Kindness – look for an opportunity every day to be kind (even to those who don’t deserve it!)
  2. Resilience – see adversities as challenges to be tackled head on
  3. Humour – do at least one fun, light-hearted thing every day
  4. Contentment – find peace with yourself and your life
  5. Love – extend love and compassion to everyone in your life, especially yourself
  6. Courage – do something each day that scares you, to help you grow and develop
  7. Knowledge – be open to learning and practising self-awareness
  8. Hope – stay optimistic and focus on hoping for things for others
  9. Creativity – embrace new ideas and fresh insights to tackle problems

Why not try them out and let me know how you get on – perhaps heartfulness will be a workplace buzzword with sticking power and not only reduce workplace stress, but create a better sense of community and teamwork too?

You may also be interested in one of the Shropshire Mindfulness courses this Autumn.

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