staffing incidentsManaging difficult staffing incidents appropriately is key in ensuring the smooth running of your business.

The Client

An established local manufacturer trading for over 10 years, with an informal and relaxed attitude towards staffing and management.

The Issue

At short notice Kay Heald HR was asked to help the Managing Director deal with an allegedly serious staffing incident that had occurred involving several members of the team.  Up until this incident, they had always managed to resolve any previous staffing issues or disagreements informally.

The Solution

Kay Heald HR met the Managing Director to find out more about the incident and what, if any, procedures were in place to deal with such matters.

We established that although there was an adequate company procedure in place, the Managing Director would need assistance in following the process for the first time.

Kay Heald HR helped the Managing Director carry out a full investigation which involved checking personnel records, identifying witnesses and taking their statements, as well as setting up one-to-one meetings with the individuals involved to try and establish what had happened.  Kay Heald HR ensured that the purpose of each meeting was explained to the individuals, as well as what would happen next.

The Outcome

Based on the results of the investigation, Kay Heald HR went on to guide the Managing Director through a formal disciplinary process, ensuring the correct procedures were followed, proper records and documentation kept, necessary letters were drafted and appropriate meetings were held in an organised and timely way.

Top Tip: Ensure you and your managers understand when and how to use the company’s formal employment procedures. Even though they may not have to be used very often, they are a vital part of good staffing practice.

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