team developmentTeam development is highly important in ensuring the coherence of the working environment.

The Client

This successful service provider based in Telford had been through a period of rapid expansion, doubling its staff in under a year leading to a need for team development.

The Issue

Although the business was thriving, the feedback from their first performance appraisals revealed not only gaps in their staff’s non-technical skills, but low levels of overall motivation, which the Directors found surprising.

The Solution

After talking to the Directors and a selection of staff, Kay Heald HR was able to design a development programme which would not only meet the identified skills gaps, but help address the low motivation levels in a cost effective, but efficient way.  Kay Heald HR developed the initial ‘pilot’ project with a Task Group made-up of a cross section of staff and managers, to actively seek their input and buy-in to the process from the start.

The Outcome

Kay Heald HR and the Task Group developed the programme into a series of ‘lunchtime learning’ taster sessions – this format was accessible and popular with all the staff.  By evaluating the outcomes and giving staff opportunities to practice and apply their new skills and ideas, the process helped improve communication, assertiveness and team leadership skills, as well as contribute to increased levels of motivation, reported in the follow-on performance appraisals

Top Tip: Don’t underestimate the importance of staff development in helping motivate and engage your team.

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