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  • HR and Sustainability

    Purpose Driven Business

    Were you aware that it was World Environment Day this week? Instigated by the United Nations Environment Programme, this awareness day has been held annually on 5th June since 1973, making World Environment Day 50 years old! It is one of the largest global platforms for environmental concerns and is used to highlight the imperative of global environmental pressures, which affects the wellbeing and economic development of people throughout the…

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  • Resilience Culture

    Building a Resilience Culture

    Earlier this year I wrote an article about Resilience at Work. This was several months before the true impact of Covid-19 was felt in the UK. Since then people and organisations have been on a bumpy rollercoaster ride of twists and turns, navigating what is frequently being referred to as a VUCA world – a military acronym standing for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. As we approach the latter part of 2020, my HR work with local…

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  • Anthropology in Small Businesses

    small business anthropology

    Anthropology and Business Isn’t anthropology something you study in the deep recesses of a university college, along the corridor from archaeology? Anthropology is a field of research which draws on social and biological sciences to understand human behaviour, interactions and cultures. Yet, it is also a growing area of study in business circles too! Big brand, large global corporations have been busy recruiting anthropologists and cultural…

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  • Heartfulness vs Mindfulness

    heartfulness as a new workplace stress buster

    Is heartfulness about to knock mindfulness off its pedestal as the latest weapon in the battle against workplace stress? In our fastrack, quick-fix lives, there is a tendency to look for shortcut solutions rather than explore, practice and study a technique or discipline in detail. Mindfulness is often used as a quick and easy, standalone concept (eg sitting still and focussing on breathing, using colouring in books, harnessing the present…

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  • HR Newsletter – Employment Help for the Very Busy

    Find out about the lastest employment law changes and how they may affect you and your business

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  • Ways to de-stress – Your Simple Things List

    Ways to de-stress

    Reduce your stress levels by taking a few minutes out to come up with your own list of simple things

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  • Interview Questions – The Sweet, Sour and Savoury

    Interview Questions

    What are the best and worst interview questions out there - see if you agree!

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  • HR Newsletter January 2012

    There are a lot of employment changes happening this year - my latest HR Newsletter helps explain the key changes and gives lots of tips and guidance to help you navigate them ...

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  • The Best Things Come in Small Packages

    Attendance of the 2011 Midlands Family Business Awards really highlighted my advantages of being a small professional service business. Read on to find out what makes us small businesses so special ...

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  • Kay Heald HR Newsletter – Summer 2011

    A quick digest of the latest employment law changes and what they mean for small companies and family businesses + links to FREE RESOURCES ...

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