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  • IR35 Consultation

    IR35 Lessons to be Learnt from the Public Sector Just over a year since the government introduced its controversial changes to off-payroll rules, known as IR35, within the public sector, it has opened its consultation on similar reforms planned for the private sector. These off-payroll rules apply to contractors working through their own personal service companies (PSCs), who would otherwise be considered employees if directly engaged. In April…

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  • Is Shropshire looking after its Young Workers?

    Young Workers in Shropshire

    Are organisations in Shropshire either turning a blind eye or simply unaware of their responsibilities, particularly with regard to casual hour contracts and young workers? New ways of working, different categories of worker and the ongoing negative press and confusion about zero hour contracts has created a complicated array of employment options. Although the government has promised to offer some clarity when its commissioned study of modern…

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  • Implications of Brexit for Small and Micro Employers

    Implications of Brexit for Small and Micro Employers

    Employment Help for the Very Busy – Summer Edition 2016 Implications of Brexit for Small and Micro Employers The implications of Brexit for small and micro employers will take a long time to emerge – years not months. It is important to emphasise that the UK’s move to initiate Article 50 and start its negotiation with the EU to draw up its Withdrawal Agreement will not take place before a new Prime Minister is in post and the…

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