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  • Employment News, Post-Brexit, Apprenticeships and GDPR

    HR News flexible furloughing anti-racism

    Employment News – Summer Edition 2017 It is a challenging time for UK’s small employers – employment measures post General Election and Brexit still lack detail, but here is a round-up of recent employment news and likely developments! POST BREXIT & POST ELECTION IMPLICATIONS UK employment laws will continue to reflect EU legislation, although, within the next five years, there may be some modification to more controversial laws…

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  • HR Newsletter for Small and Micro Businesses

    HR Newsletter for Small and Micro Businesses

    Welcome to my latest HR Newsletter for Small and Micro Businesses. The post Brexit effect on employment law is yet to be felt. In the meantime, here’s the latest round-up of current UK legislative changes and their likely impact on small and micro businesses. Check out my FREE Downloads at the bottom of the Homepage. National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage (1st Oct 2016) For 21-24 year olds the rate increases from £6.70 to…

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  • Returnships – How much do you know?

    You’ve heard of apprenticeships and graduate internships, but what about returnships? With the film release of Bridget Jones’s Baby, and maternity issues very much in the news, you may be interested to find out more about returnships. The term was first used by Goldman Sachs in 2008 to describe programmes to encourage ex-employees back into the workplace after an absence of several years. In the US and UK they have most commonly been used to…

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  • What’s in Store for Small Businesses under the New Government?

    What’s in Store for Small Businesses under the New Government?

    What will the new Government do for small businesses? Here's a summary of the main areas likely to affect small businesses over the coming months and years (+ updates).

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  • HR Newsletter January 2012

    There are a lot of employment changes happening this year - my latest HR Newsletter helps explain the key changes and gives lots of tips and guidance to help you navigate them ...

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  • Newsletter Autumn 2011

    Employment Help for the Very Busy - my Autumn/Winter 2011 HR newsletter aimed at small companies and family businesses wanting an update on employment law and HR changes.

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