Employee Engagement is your staff’s freely offered commitment to your organisation and its values, to work with passion and purpose, which goes beyond job satisfaction and motivation.

Keep this list of ways to improve employee engagement nearby and refer to it daily – you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes!

  1. Clearly communicate your Company vision and values to everyone
  2. Provide information on how your Company is performing and how staff can help meet the Company’s targets
  3. Strive to create a work environment that is open, trusting, fair and fun
  4. Keep encouraging new ideas, suggestions and initiative
  5. Provide staff with a sense of ownership in their work, through good delegation
  6. Give staff specific and frequent feedback about their performance
  7. Encourage staff to grow, learn and develop new skills
  8. Recognise and reward high performance, not necessarily in financial terms
  9. Personally thank staff for doing a good job in a timely and sincere manner
  10. Provide opportunities for staff to feedback their views to the Company, by taking time to meet, talk and listen to them
  11. Put energy into learning from mistakes, rather than punishing them
  12. Celebrate business successes with everyone

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