Guest blog by Michaela Hardwick

When it comes to employees giving their very best, you may or may not be surprised to hear, they rarely mention salaries and levels of pay – the majority of employees simply want to be listened to and feel valued!

This is an area where small businesses can be far more responsive and proactive than their larger and more bureaucratic competitors.  But, can you say with certainty that your most valuable assets, namely your people, are fully motivated and feel that they make a real contribution to your business?

A very cost effective and practical way for small businesses to motivate staff can be through coaching and team building sessions.  Why? Because they send a clear message of value to employees, give everyone an opportunity to be heard and actively engage with the business, whilst in turn enabling the organisation to find out what really motivates and de-motivates their staff – you will rarely find out just by asking!

According to a study by OPP workplace psychologists, almost a third of employees have never experienced any kind of team building and yet only 11% would rather have a day off work than engage in a team building exercise!  The interest is definitely there!

However, it is only when team building and coaching events are properly planned and delivered that they can have dramatic effects on motivation and productivity of employees.  (And remember, that increased productivity means increased profit!).  The most successful ones are those that create long term solutions for a business, by engaging team members in an entertaining and memorable way.

If you would like to find out more about how such team building events could work for you and your business, then give me a call on: 0121 288 6002

Michaela Hardwick of Beyond Expectation is an experienced Business Development and Performance Coach who works with businesses of all shapes and sizes nationally, delivering 1-2-1 and team coaching in packages tailored to suit each different client.

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