Extreme Employee Engagement

This might be a slightly humorous look at employee engagement, but the underlying point is an important one: how well do you know your people?

Everyone seems to be talking about employee engagement these days – the cure of all evils; the one-stop-shop for managing change; the way to ward off competitors; the solution to problems big and small – but what if you want to be a bit different, take things a bit further, what if you want to be an Extreme Engagement Employer?

So here goes, get ready for a bit of EXTREME ENGAGEMENT … 

  1. Smiley Happy People – How often do your people smile at work (or they smile at you)?
  2. The Honey Pot – Do people like working for you?  Do they actually like being around you and working with you?
  3. Hobby-Tastic – What do your people do out of work, in their spare time – who and what is important to them?
  4. Push the Button – What pushes your people out of their comfort zone, what stresses them – do you know what really winds them up?
  5. Cupcake King or Queen – How do you rally your team when the chips are down – a motivating comment, a word of encouragement or perhaps a sugary treat?
  6. Light Bulb Moments – When was the last time you actively sought new and fresh ideas from your people?
  7. Lay Down My Life – Are there people out there dying to work for you?  Do your people recommend you as an employer?
  8. Walking, Tallking Adverts – Do your people promote your products and services, even when they are not on company time?
  9. Corporate Branding – Are your people so dedicated to your company that they would willingly have your logo branded on their arm?

If you have any more suggestions – I’d love to hear from you – just pop them in the comment box below.

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Happy ‘Extreme’ Engaging!

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