7 Tips to Help Manage Family Businesses and Keep Them Afloat!

by Kay Heald HR

In celebration of the recent release of the Darren Aronofsky film, NOAH, starring Russell Crowe, see what management lessons can be learnt from, what many would say, was the earliest ‘family business’ – their goal was massive and their journey epic, but they reached their final destination!

1. Have a clear and defined purpose, which is communicated to all your team

(e.g. build an Ark to save God’s creatures from extinction)

2. Nurture ethical and caring principles, which extend to all parts of your business

(e.g. practice stewardship and kindness instead of wickedness)

3. Pull together as a team to reach your goals

(e.g. gather your family to fell trees and build a water-tight vessel)

4. Manage your people firmly, but fairly

(e.g. be assertive with family members, but not cruel and unkind)

5. Seek the help from professional advisers where necessary

(e.g. listen to the wisdom of your elders)

6. Show trust and determination, even when the path is difficult

(e.g. strive to find solutions to huge antediluvian problems)

7. Extend your principles beyond the business for the greater good of your environment

(e.g. look after all the surviving creatures)

Let me know if you would like to add anything else to this colourful list?

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