Every 4 years a heated debate kicks-off (excuse the pun!) regarding employees and whether or not they will cut corners, bunk-off or shirk their duties during World Cup season.

From my experience I think a lot of fears concerning mass absences and poor performance are unfounded. However, the wise employer should be looking for ways to maximise employee engagement, whilst at the same time setting some sensible ground rules for their staff to follow.

This 20th FIFA World Cup is not going to be to everyone’s taste and due to their geographical location, many of the matches will be broadcast late at night – so hauling in over-sized TV screens is  going to be a bit over the top for most establishments. Although, knowing your people and what their interests are can come in very handy when deciding the best approach for tackling (pardon the second pun) work and the World Cup, or any other major televised event, come to that matter.

For the small business owner, there’s no need to go into over-drive and introduce lots of new rules or write specific absence management policies, but sensibly thought out guidance that is both fair and clearly communicated to all workers, covering the booking process for annual leave, the company’s approach to flexible work practices, internet usage during working hours and consequences regarding unauthorised leave or absence related to alcohol over-indulgence, helps avoid a lot of problems.

Finding opportunities to engender a sense of pride in either a team, group, country or nation, can be a great low cost way to help motivate your employees, so don’t turn your back on the World Cup, but think creatively and see how you can harness some of that feel-good-factor.

For example, how about taking part in the Telford World Cup Tournament and Family Fun Day on Saturday 14th June at AFC Telford in aid of the homeless charity Stay Telford. Businesses can enter 5-a-side teams, sponsor children’s competitions, have a business stall or provide entertainment – something for everyone! Just click on the links for more information.


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